Writing 101: Day 1

So I’ve joined the Writing 101 program that’s part of Blogging U. on WordPress’ The Daily Post. As part of the program, I’ll get a new prompt every weekday that I can spend fifteen or twenty minutes on. Although registration is closed, they post the new assignments daily so you can follow along. This is the assignment for Day 1: “Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write. And for your first twist? Publish this stream-of-consciousness post on your blog.”

Well, okay. I’m not quite sure what I should write about yet, but I’m sure I’ll find something. The chair I’m sitting in is soft and cushy, slightly bouncy, not at all like the one at home. There’s music playing in the background, a smooth kind of country song. I really hate country music, but this song doesn’t seem all that bad. Interesting. Maybe I’m developing a taste for country music… I wonder. There are sounds all around me that you would never think to notice; the creaking of a door opening, the distinct jingle of keys, the slow hum of voices in the background. Then deeper, to the second layer, the air conditioning circulating air around the room and the wind whistling through the branches of still-bare trees outside. I can’t help but to think that maybe Im not meant to be here. What if I was somewhere else right now? What if I was in Paris or Milan or, who knows, maybe my deepest desire is really to go to some small, unknown village in Romania where I’ll meet these wonderful people who convince me to live there and become part of their family. Then maybe, after almost a year, they feel that they can trust me enough and they reveal to me that they’re werewolves. Although, I suppose vampires would be more fitting. It is Romania, after all. I wonder if I’d be afraid if that happened. Who knows? Maybe that’s my wish, to go to a foreign country and discover that the supernatural really do exist. Somehow, I don’t think I would mind if I found out. There would be that initial shock and then it would hit me: wow, these people can actually transform. I would probably think ‘I want to do that too…” Yes, I’m crazy. I know. But what if they really don’t exist? I’m asking a lot of ‘what if’s’ today. Just this morning, I was asking myself, ‘what if I wasn’t meant to be a person?’ What if I’m just taking up this extra space on Earth, breathing all of this air that was meant for someone else and I somehow ended up here in their place? Maybe that person would have been the one who finds the cure to cancer and I’m just a measly substitute. But who knows? Maybe I’ll find a hidden passion for oncology and I can be the one who finds a cure to cancer. The world is full of possibility, after all. Why do we say that? We should really be saying, you can give yourself these possibilities. The world is vast and seemingly never-ending, but those who actually accomplish notable feats don’t just happen to stumble across them one day while following the yellow brick road. They’ve discovered something that they love so much that they want to know more than anyone in the world knows at that time. They want to invent something or innovate something that can change our world as we know it and that will blow our minds to the point of no return. These people are our scientific, mathematical, literary, historical, geographical, linguistic deities. They are the ones who have the determination and grit and willpower to strive beyond anything that mankind has discovered or inferred. Wow, this is getting really deep. Maybe I should move on now. I wonder what else I can ramble on about. There’s this coffee cup sitting on the table next to me with a wonderfully orange-red, rust color and a rich chocolate brown on the inside. Both coffee and chocolate originally came from the Latin Americas, so all those who hail caffeine and sweets, you have them to thank. I can’t really say that I love either, though. Coffee is positively horrible to me; the bitter taste is terribly unsavory and it has some awful side effects that I don’t even want to have the possibility of contracting. Hot chocolate, though, that I enjoy. I’ve always wanted to try spicy hot chocolate, the way they make it in Mexico. I’ve heard it’s absolutely delicious. And… I can’t stop sneezing right now. Seriously, the spring season is killing me. This is why I’ve always loved the winter: cold temperatures, rain, snow, and no allergies. Summer is always stiflingly hot which I absolutely cannot stand, and, well, I guess fall is actually okay. I don’t like it’s indecisive nature, though. Like, is it hot, or is it cold? Do I wear shorts or pants? Sweater or jacket? Long sleeves or short sleeves? Flip flops or tennis shoes? Then my outfit is ruined because that one jacket that actually works with the temperature is either lost in the mess that is my bedroom or in the laundry. I really need to clean my room. There’s a never-ending pile of clothes on my armchair that I can never seem to find anything in and stacks and stacks of papers on the ground that I’m always tripping over. I don’t know what happened to me, I always used to be such a neat person. I blame high school. It’s ruined me. The amount of work we have is absolutely insane and terrible and stressful and causes everyone to get less and less sleep as the weeks go by. Especially right now, we just had spring break and we won’t have another break until the end of May. Lucky us. Not. I can’t wait until college. I’m probably going to think I was insane when I get to college for saying that because that’s exactly what happened with high school, but at least in college I’ll get to eat all of the mac and cheese I want to make up for that. I had the best mac and cheese today from this restaurant downtown; it was absolutely delicious. It was fresh and hot, too, and I got it no more than five or six minutes after I ordered it. Shoutout to the mac and cheese, thanks for giving me a great meal. Have a nice time digesting.

– S

Prompt from: Writing 101 | Day 1


Incredible Character Template

So I was floating around on Tumblr today and I ran across this really amazing character template by a girl named Kyla. Wonderful Tumblr, by the way. I’ve linked her name to her blog. So, without further ado, the character template!

*Name* (Character’s name as a title)

Name: (Full name, including any middle names.)

True Name: (Do they have a special name that is bound by magic or something similar? E.g.: Fairies.)

Alias Names: (Do they have any undercover names, or names that they use instead.)

Name Meanings:(Meanings of First, middle, last and the meanings of all other names. Dictionary and personal.)

Title:(Do they have any titles?)

Nicknames: (What does it mean? How did they get it?)


Male. Female. Other (Specify).

Race / Species: (Are they alien, human, a witch, a vampire, animal, shapeshifter, anything?)

Nationality: (Where do they come from? What is their heritage? Who are their people?)

Religion: (Do they have a religion? What one, or which ideals do they follow? Did they once believe in something else?)

Family / House: (Are they in a special class or family? Have they been sorted into a group house?)

Role: (What is their role in the story? How important are they? What do they do? How do they affect others?)

Class: (What social ranking are they? How wealthy or influential?)

Source of Income: (Where do they get their money from? How much is it?)

Education: (What have they been taught? What schools did they attend? How do they do in classes? How well do they learn? Do they have any advantages, or disadvantages in learning? What classes do they take and how much do they like them?)

Memory: (How good is their memory?)

Savvies: (Is there anything that they are particularly good at or knowledgeable in?)

Ineptities: (Is there anything that they just can’t grasp or understand?)

Appearance: (How do they look? As much detail as possible? Describe everything, colour, shape, texture.)


Skin Colour:

Face Shape:




Facial Features:

Scars & Marks:

Piercings, Tattoos & Others:

Foot Size:

Bra Size:





Make up:

Age guestimations: (How old to people think they look?)

Clothing Style:

… (What do they generally wear? What would they wear for certain events, times, or seasons? Accessories?)

Age: (How old are they?)

D.O.B: (When were they born?)

Place of Birth: (Where were they born?)

Manner of Birth: (How were they born? Did anything go wrong? Did anything strange happen?)

Death: (Do they die? How, when, and where?)



Resting Place:

Current Location: (Where are they now, or during the story?)

Current Residence: (Where do they live?)

Other Residence: (Do they have any other homes?)

Languages: (What languages do they speak? How well?)

Sexuality: (What is their sexual orientation?)

Crush or Partner: (Do they have a crush on someone? Or are they in a relationship of some kind?)

Ex-Relationships: (Who have they had a relationship with in the past? Was there anyone specific that the have liked?)

Sex Life: (Have they been sexually active? With who? How frequent? Do they have any kinks?)

Background: (What has happened in their lives?)

Family Background: (What has happened to their family? Where did their parents meet? Where were they from? Did they have any issues that are important or were passed down?)

Transportation: (How do they get from A to B?)

Out of 20: (Out of 20, how good or how much do they handle:)

Empathy: ? / 20

Creativity: ? / 20

Open Minded: ? / 20

Passion: ? / 20

Motivation: ? / 20

Stamina: ? / 20

Initiative: ? / 20

Restraint: ? / 20

Teamwork: ? / 20

Dominance: ? / 20

Confidence: ? / 20

Energy: ? / 20

Patient: ? / 20

Sleeping Patterns: (When do they sleep?)

Habits: (What habits do they have? Do they do a specific action when feeling a certain emotion? Any idiosyncrasies?)

Personality: (How do they act? Do they act one way to cover something up?)

Positive traits:

Negative traits:

Family: (Name, occupation, are they deceased?)

  • Father: …
  • Mother: …

Pets: (What kind of animal are they? What are they called? What gender? What do they look like?)

  • Animal: …
  • Animal: …

Friends: (Who are their friends? Who do they trust?)

Enemies: (Do they have enemies or people they don’t like?)

Heroes and Inspirations: (Who do they look up to?)

Worries: (What troubles them?)

Instigators: (What would set them off?)

Soothers: (What would calm them down?)

Vices & Coping Methods: (Are they addicted to anything? Do they use anything to handle their problems?)

Physical Weakness: (Do they have any issues that would hinder them?)

Attitude Towards People: (How do they see people? Would they treat anyone differently for different reasons?)

Soft Spots: (Is there anyone / thing that they would have a soft spot for? What would they be very kind to? What would make them melt?)

Mean Streaks: (Would they go out of their way to hurt someone / something? Is there something that would cause them to lash out?)

Morality: (What do they define as good and bad? Where would they draw the line?)

Taboos: (What would they never do?)

Beliefs: (What do they believe in? What do they think is true?)

Secrets: (Are there any minor or major secrets that they keep from people? Does anyone know these secrets?)

Regrets: (Is there something they wish they could take back? Or something they wish they had done?)

View of World: (How do they see the world? How do they feel about life?)

Self Image: (How do they see themselves?)

Ego: (Do they have an inflated sense of self importance?)

Reputation: (How do people see them? Is there any stories that they are well known for? Are there any names they are given? Do they stand out, or fade in? Are they well liked?)

Humour: (What type of humour do they use? How funny are they?)

Communication and Sociability: (How well do they communicate with others? How talkative? How social are they?)

Emotional & Mental Stability: (How stable are they? Do they have any weaknesses or issues?)

Accomplishments: (From as simple as getting up in the morning, to doing something extraordinary.)

Failures: (What do they consider to have failed at?)

Discriminations and Prejudices: (Is there any type of people / things that they do not like?)

Delusions: (Is there something they believe that isn’t true? Are they in denial or fooling themselves about something?)

Desires & Wishes: (Is there something they want that they can’t have? Is there something they REALLY want and hope for?)

Pastimes & Passions: (What do they enjoy doing? Hobbies?)

Likes: (What are things that your character likes? Music, food, colours?)




Time of Day:











Mythical Creature:









TV Show:



Dislikes: (What are things that your character dislikes? Music, food, colours?)

Least Favourites:



Time of Day:











Mythical Creature:









TV Show:



Pet Peeves: (What really annoys them?)

Phrases: (Is there anything that they are known for saying? Do they have a catchphrase? Is their a word that they like to use?)

Compliments and Insults: (What kind of compliments and insults do they use?)

Swears: (Do they swear? What sort of words do they use? Do they use other words or phrases to replace swears?)

Allergies & Weaknesses: (Are they allergic to anything? Is there something that can affect them if they come in proximity of it?)

Immunities: (Are they immune to something that most aren’t? What can they withstand?)

Lures: (What are they drawn to?)

Obsessions: (Are they obsessed with anything? Is there anything that they have to do or see?)

Dreams & Ambitions: (What do they aim for in life? What do they wish for?)

Dominant Hand:

Left. Right. Ambidextrous. Other hand(?).

Weapons: (Do they use weapons of some sort? What are they and what do they look like? Is the weapon important to them? Where did it come from?)

Powers: (Do they have magic of some sort? What can they do? What are it’s restrictions? What effect does it have on them? Is there anyone it does not effect?)

Power – …

Power – …

Abilities: (What can they do? Any strange or extraordinary, or even simple talents? Art, sports, magic, anything?)

Occupation: (Do they have a job?)

Co-workers: (Position and work relationship).

  • Name: …
  • Name: …

Fears: (What are they afraid of, and what affects them the most severely?)


What seven deadly sins would they be?

Pride. Lust. Envy. Gluttony. Sloth. Wrath. Greed.

What Hogwarts house would they be in?

Earliest memory?

Best memory?

Worst memory?

If they could change one thing about themselves, what would it be?

How often do they cry about real life events, or events that happen in books / movies/ shows?

How ‘green’ are you? What do you do to make less of an impact on the environment?

What is the best dream they have had?

What is the worst dream / nightmare they have had?

Do they have a criminal record?

Have they ever been in the news paper?

What is their zodiac and corresponding planet, element, flower, stone, etc?

What does their bedroom look like?

If they were given a blank piece of paper and a pencil, what would they do?

Do they have a most pried possession?

Do they collect anything?

If they were in a Disney movie, what role would they have?

What song would be their personal song, couples song, and other important songs?

Are they ticklish?

Can they change their voice, do any accents or impressions?

What alignment are they?

When they were a child, what did they want to be when they grew up?

Favourite kind of weather?

How does sleep deprivation affect them?

Codename time. They are Eagle One. Who is their…

‘Been There, Done That’: …

‘Currently Doing That’: …

‘It Happened Once in a Dream’: …

‘If I Had to Pick a ?’: …

‘I’d Be Lying if I said I Hadn’t Thought About It’: …

‘Eagle Two’: …

Personality type?

Autograph: (What does their signature look like? How would they sign things?)

Other: (Anything else you can think of to add?)

Based on: (Was the character based on anyone? Looks, personality? Is it someone you know, someone famous, or someone fictional?)

– S

P.S. I take no credit for this template; it all came from the Tumblr user I posted above.

Original #1

Silvery flakes glittered down as a blackbird swooped low in the sky, brushing his wings along the treetops in a dive. The shining harvest moon glistened like diamonds off the facets of snow pillowed on the ground. A harsh caw cut through the stillness as the blackbird staked its claim on the land in the most predatory of ways, crimson arcing through the air in a pristinely cold slash of color. Nearby, the senses of the night watched, listened, yet did not speak, their silence deafening and stark against the black of the celestial heavens. Legions of stars smiled as the last breath puffed and hung suspended in the air, the remaining vestiges of the wintery solstice. 

– S

Prompt #1

Remember that scene in the Goblet of Fire where Mad-Eye Moody decides to give a very up-close and personal lesson on the three Unforgivable Curses? Here’s a link to the clip in case you’d like a refresher.

So, now that you’re inspired, let’s put a different spin on this scene. Write three short stories, each from the point of view of one of the spiders. Be detailed!

– S

P.S. If you’re not a Harry Potter fan (how could you???), use this variation instead: write three short stories, each involving the same spider, about three different crime scenes.

Prompt from: My mind

Prompt Response #2

Always be true to yourself.

Believe in your own abilities.

Create, do not destroy.

Deviate from the norm.

Embrace reality.

Follow mind, heart and soul.

Go forth without qualms.

Have faith in yourself and others.

Illustrate your mind.

Jaded souls cannot grow.

Keep the hearth warm.

Look before you leap.

Make peace, not war.

New can be old.

Overcome the greatest obstacles.

Pain is relative.

Quote the memories.

Respect yourself.

Solve the greatest of problems.

Take no prisoners.

Undertake the insurmountable.

Value logic and intuition.


Xylophones are not pianos.

Yield when necessary.

Zeal is important.

– S

Prompt from: http://writingprompts.tumblr.com/post/17477297690/my-28-most-tried-and-true-writing-prompts

Prompt Response #1

“But we’re supposed to be in this together!”

My eyes widen almost involuntarily. Is that what this is? How could she be so misinformed? I laugh.

“You’re a fool, Lucy. Do you really believe I was doing all of this to help you? Is that what you think?” My hands gesture. “I pity your hopeless endeavor. It is as naïve as it is stupid. You will never get anywhere, accomplish anything, if you cannot let go of your past!” My voice rises to a shriek of anger.

She stumbles back. I can see her desperately throwing up that impenetrable steel wall of hers, yet her eyes are those of a scared rabbit. And I am the wolf, preparing to pounce and deliver the finishing blow.

“I hate you, Lucy,” I say softly. “I hate you with every fiber of my being, and I will do so for as long as I live.” As I turn away, my mind goes blank. Numb. Her pleas sound from behind me, but I am underwater. Floating through a blackness that cannot be lit with the light of mortals nor with that of the gods. It is eternal and never-ending, and I am a part of it now.  I reach out thankfully, lovingly, until I cannot feel where I end and where it begins. We are one.

– S

Prompt from: http://www.sarahselecky.com/daily-prompts/